Welcome Simon Schorn!

We’re delighted to welcome Simon to Melbourne, where he began his stay with a trip to Prahran market (left). Simon will be learning about xeos development with Eleanor, aiming to calibrate a single clinopyroxene HPx-eos to replace the three that are currently used in different geological contexts. He will also help to manage this website.

Simon recently gained his PhD, working with Johann Diener at the University of Cape Town, with a thesis entitled High-temperature metamorphism in the western Namaqua-Natal Metamorphic Province (South Africa): implications for low-pressure granulite terranes.

ENKI workshop

Eleanor is in Barcelona at the pre-Goldschmidt ENKI workshop, run by Mark Ghiorso and Aaron Wolf. ENKI is intended to provide an environment in which thermodynamic datasets and a-x relations can be developed and used in exceedingly flexible ways. So far it seems very promising – an admirable community software project! We will aim to implement the HPx-eos within ENKI.

Post-semester news from Melbourne

Now that the semester is over, Eleanor is writing a lot:

  • the website
  • the transparency paper: clarifying some aspects of the modelling that have been left unclear after recent developments
  • the “uncertainties” paper – really about sensitivity as much as uncertainty: looking at what we can say about uncertainties in the modelling, and contrasting it with what we’d like to say.

RP is away, so all is quiet!