HPx-eos from individual papers

On this page we will be collating THERMOCALC input files used in writing specific papers. Whereas the main HPx-eos families are slowly evolving, these files will preserve the state of the x-eos at the time of writing. Additionally, there will be sets of x-eos on this page that don’t appear in the main x-eos families, because they are seen as in some way incomplete or tangential to the main sequence of model development.

This is a work in progress, so let me know if there is something you want that isn’t present here.

Evans & Frost (2021): ultramafic assemblages in FMASOSH

X-eos used in: Evans & Frost (2021) Journal of Petrology 62 egab016.

Input files for THERMOCALC 3.50 (by Powell for Rebay, Powell & Holland in prep):

This download dates from 30-01-2022, correcting the previous 2021 upload, which had a syntax error in the coding for garnet (thanks Renée for spotting this).

Jennings & Holland (2015): peridotite melting in NCFMASOCr

Source: Jennings & Holland (2015) Journal of Petrology 56 869–892.

Input files for THERMOCALC 3.47:

Holland et al (2013): transition zone and uppermost lower mantle phases in NCFMAS

Source: Holland, Hudson, Powell & Harte (2013) Journal of Petrology 54 1901-1920.

Input files for THERMOCALC 3.50:

Green et al (2012): peridotite melting in CMAS

Sources: Green, Holland, Powell & White (2012) Journal of Metamorphic Geology 30 561-577; and Green, Holland & Powell (2012) Journal of Metamorphic Geology 30 579-597.

Input files for THERMOCALC 3.47 and 3.50 (not working with Dec 2020 version of tc350; await update):