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For users/implementers of the HPx-eos outside THERMOCALC


If you already know what you want to download, follow the links below. Otherwise, use the THERMOCALC download guide, or explore the THERMOCALC section of this site.

The SCOlP geobarometer for igneous rocks

The SCOlP and COlP (Ā±Spinel + Clinopyroxene + Olivine + Plagioclase) barometers were developed for use in igneous rocks by Ziberna, Green & Blundy (2017; American Mineralogist 102 2349-2366). They use THERMOCALC’s avP procedure and a specially calibrated set of HPx-eos. They can be easily applied via the avPy package:

Roger Powell’s textbook

Equilibrium Thermodynamics in Petrology (Roger Powell, 1978; Harper & Row) can be freely downloaded for personal use: