This website is the online home of the HPx-eos. The HPx-eos are thermodynamic models for minerals and geological fluids, which can be used to calculate equilibrium phase assemblages in the Earth’s crust and upper mantle. The HPx-eos, and our in-house calculation software, THERMOCALC, are developed by an international team of Earth scientists, and are freely available for use in academic research.

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Please note. This site replaces the website THERMOCALC, which was kindly hosted by the University of Mainz (no longer available as of November 2019). The software THERMOCALC is the intellectual property of Roger Powell and Tim Holland (Powell & Holland, 1988). It was originally developed by Roger Powell during his PhD in the 1970s, and is unrelated to the more recently launched commercial software, Thermo-Calc.

Acknowledgements. We are grateful to our many collaborators and users of our models and software, who share their experiences with us and alert us to problems. Erin Matchan and Jamie Connolly are owed thanks for their advice about website and forum management. We thank the University of Melbourne in particular for its long-standing support for our work.