Minor website updates

Melbourne’s magnificent Eureka Tower (right) vanishing into mist – a sorely missed view during this homeworking period.

Shocked to see that there was no blog post in August!

Some minor updates:

  • I have finally put up some benchmark calculations for the igneous, metabasite and metapelite sets of HPx-eos. Thanks to Simon for his help with the latter.
  • RP has fixed some bugs in DRAWPD 1.18. The updated software can be downloaded from the usual DRAWPD page.
  • Tim has provided a full pseudosection replacing Fig 5 (basalt RE46 composition) in Holland et al (2018). The original figure was only intended to show phase relations among the phases present at 1 bar, and how these extend to higher pressure. But as this was misinterpreted, the new figure shows the standard pseudosection.

Keep safe, everyone.