fO2 workshop/school this September

Please consider pre-registering for the following event!:

Understanding oxygen fugacity in Geoscience is a workshop/school running 5-9 September 2022, to highlight the state of the art, major debates and some case studies about redox processes and oxygen fugacity from the Earth’s interior to the surface. It will bring together experts from various disciplines and it is directed to students and scientists with background on chemistry and physics of the Earth and planetary interiors. The School is hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, University of Trieste. We also hope to make the School available to online-only participants.

Eleanor Green and Katy Evans are among the speakers and practical leaders at this School, which will address thermodynamic modelling in addition to experimental, analytical and observational themes.

We thank Luca Ziberna for proposing this School, for patiently persisting with the idea throughout the disruption of the pandemic, and for his exceedingly hard work in leading the Organizing Committee!