A guest post from Nicolas Riel, lead author of MAGEMin:

MAGEMin is an open-source parallel function written in C that minimizes the Gibbs free energy of multiphase and multicomponent systems. The main objective of MAGEMin is to provide a stable, consistent and as fast as possible phase equilibrium prediction routine.

The function receives bulk-rock composition, pressure and temperature to compute the most stable phase equilibrium. Presently, MAGEMin provides the thermodynamic data set for igneous systems (Holland et al., 2018; “from mantle to granite”). The data set used natively in THERMOCALC, is translated directly into C routines and implemented without transformation of variables or coordinate systems, thus eliminating inconsistencies. While MAGEMin has been primarily developed to predict phase equilibrium in magmatic systems, other database can/will be added to the function.

MAGEMin is easily installed and used on any operating system through either Julia or Matlab. The Julia interface (juila> ] add MAGEMin_C), offers a quick and efficient solution for point-wise minimization in serial or parallel. Moreover, the Julia interface allows for simplified integration of phase equilibrium modelling with geodynamic simulations (e.g., reactive magma flow) or petrological applications (e.g., computing liquid-line of descent).  The Matlab interface (PlotPseudosection.mlapp) includes automatic installation of MAGEMin binaries and fast calculation of pseudosections using the graphic user interface.

The detailed documentation, including tutorials on how to install and use MAGEMin is provided at:

MAGEMin can be downloaded on our github at:

We invite you to try it out! Please, do not hesitate to report issues and/or provide feedbacks 😊

MAGEMin is being actively developed at the department of geosciences of the University of Johannes Gutenberg (Mainz, Germany). The main contributors are N. Riel (, B. Kaus (, E. Green ( and N. Berlie. An exhaustive description of the algorithm is given in Riel et al., 2022.

Riel, N., Kaus, B. J. P., Green, E. C. R., & Berlie, N. (2022). MAGEMin, an efficient Gibbs energy minimizer: Application to igneous systems. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 23, e2022GC010427.

MAGEMin interface: Process of calculating a pseudosection for the MIX1G garnet pyroxenite composition of Hirschmann et al (2003).