A new THERMOCALC 3.50 for the solstice

Latest update 21 December 2020

We have updated THERMOCALC 3.50!

The scripts have changed a lot. A guide to the new scripts is bundled with the software download, and we have also updated all existing documentation and tutorials to reflect the changes. (Looking back, I see I previously claimed that scripts in tc350 were unlikely to change further – this proved to be as wrong as any other prediction about 2020.)

Progress represented in this update includes:

  • Scripts are now more concise and more self-explanatory, and THERMOCALC itself is now quite forceful in telling the user what it expects. We hope this will make the learning experience easier, and reduce the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Modebox calculations now work.
  • Previously, only pseudosection and P-T projection calculations were thoroughly scripted, with other calculation facilities being largely interactive. There is now comprehensive scripting for our other currently-operational calculation facilities:
  • There is now documentation for dogmin (G-minimisation at a P-T coordinate) – a thoughtful guide by RP on the safest way to use this rather dangerous facility.
  • Much more has happened behind the scenes in version 3.50, aimed at making the code easier to maintain. These changes are mentioned in the release notes bundled with the software.

The THERMOCALC 3.50 executable is still called “tc350beta”, reminding us that some facilities aren’t working yet: µ-µ diagrams, and calculations involving charged aqueous species, are still to come.

Download the new software here.

We wish all our users a safe and happy holiday period, and some relaxation at the end of an extraordinary year.