HPx-eos +/- THERMOCALC workshop

Luca Ziberna and I are planning to hold a workshop in Trieste, Italy, in the first week of September 2020 (the week before the European Mineralogy Conference in Krakow, 6-10 September).

The workshop will focus on the HPx-eos and their use, with THERMOCALC as our main modelling tool.

At this stage we’d like to hear from the community which might attract more interest:

  1. a workshop with substantial time spent on getting started with THERMOCALC
  2. a more wide-ranging exploration of potential applications for the HPx-eos and phase equilibrium modelling in general – i.e. with more interest for those who don’t want to use THERMOCALC itself, or are already expert users.

If you’d potentially be interested in coming to this workshop, please let us know what sort of content you’d be interested in! You can do this via the poll on the workshop webpage, through the discussion group, or by contacting us directly.